Article 1. Fields of application

The Terms & Conditions of Sale below (hereinafter the “T&Cs”) are intended to govern all contractual relations between MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED, Registration No. 00982615, VAT number: 209 944 639 (hereinafter “MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED”) and customers (hereinafter the “Buyer”) ordering via the Site (hereinafter the “Site”).

The purpose of these T&Cs is:

  • to specify the terms and conditions of online sales offered by MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED and delivery of Products (hereinafter the “Products”) ordered on the Site,
  • inform the Buyer of his rights and obligations in connection with the online sale of these Products.

These T&Cs apply, without restriction or reservation to all sales of all Products offered on the Site accessible via the Internet, at the address The setting up of the necessary I.T. resources to allow access to the Site and the access costs are the responsibility of the Buyer.

Any ordering through the Site by the Buyer implies his unreserved acceptance of the T&Cs. To this end, the Buyer confirms that he accepts all the T&Cs and has read them when he ticks the “I accept” box when placing the order.

MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED reserves the right to modify these T&Cs at any time in the future. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to carefully read the T&Cs applicable at the time in question to each new order. The T&Cs applicable to the order are those accepted by the Buyer at the time of placing the order.

The current T&Cs are accessible at any time on the Site and prevail over any other previous version or any other contradictory document. The T&Cs are supplemented by the General Personal Data Protection Policy of MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED as defined in article 10 here below.

Certain Products on the Site can only be purchased if the Buyer satisfies the legal age requirement for these Products. MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED is not allowed by law to supply these Products to the Buyer if he does not satisfy these age requirements. If the Buyer is underage, he should not attempt to order these Products through the Site.

Article 2. Progress of an order

The process below describes the order process for the Product(s) selected by the Buyer.

2.1. The identification of the Buyer:

The Buyer can be identified directly after selecting the Products or via his “Beautiful at Home” customer account (hereinafter the “Account”).

The opening of an Account includes the entry of information by the Buyer, in particular a valid email address and a password (hereinafter the “Identifiers”). These identifiers are personal to the Buyer and must be kept confidential by the latter.

The Buyer accesses the Site and can add the Products he wishes to order to his basket. The Buyer then has access to the contents of his basket, including all the Products he has added.

The Buyer must then proceed to his identification. In this context, the Buyer undertakes to provide MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED with reliable and accurate information, allowing MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED to perform all of its contractual obligations. MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED cannot be held liable in the event that the information provided by the Buyer turns out to be totally or partially false and/or incomplete.

In this situation or in any other irregularity on the Buyer’s account, MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED reserves the right to cancel the order and/or delete the Buyer’s account.

2.2. Placement of the order by the Buyer:

After the Buyer has put the Products he wishes to order in the basket and has entered his identification data, a summary of the order is then presented to the Buyer, allowing him to check the details of the order and correct any errors.

The Buyer must then enter and verify the billing and delivery address, then choose a delivery and payment method.

An order number will be assigned to the Buyer as soon as the payment is registered.

2.3. Final confirmation of the order:

Only confirmation of payment definitively validates the order and binds MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED contractually to the Buyer. The Buyer will be immediately debited for the amount of his order.

2.4. Characteristics and availability of the Products:

Prior to the order, the Buyer can find out about the essential characteristics of the Product(s) he wishes to order by clicking on the detail of the Product.

In the event that certain products in the Buyer’s order are out of stock, the latter will be notified by MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED.

Certain products may be subject to a quantitative restriction per order. The total amount of purchases may not exceed £400, including VAT.

MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED reserves the right to modify the assortment of Products offered for sale on its Site at any time, in connection with supply constraints from its suppliers.

Article 3. Price

The selling prices of the Products offered on the Site are indicated in GBP £, including VAT. The selling prices of the Products on the Site are those in effect at the time of placing the order by the Buyer.

Prices do not include shipping costs, so they are billed in addition to the price of the Products purchased. Shipping costs are indicated before confirmation of the order by the Buyer.

Free shipping for orders over £30.

Article 4. Payment

The Buyer assures MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED that he has the necessary authorizations to use the payment method he has chosen to pay for his order, when registering the order.

4.1. Payment method accepted

The Buyer is offered one payment method on the Site: Stripe.

4.2. Payment terms

Orders are payable in GBP £, including VAT. The Buyer will bear any bank charges (including in the case of a refund).

In the event of non-payment or partial payment of any sum due by the Buyer, in the event of a payment incident, or in the event of fraud or attempted fraud relating to the use of the Site, MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED reserves the right to suspend or cancel any execution of an order and/or delivery, whatever its nature and level of execution.

4.3. Security of payment transactions

As part of the fight against Internet fraud, information relating to the Buyer’s order may be transmitted to any third party authorized by law or designated by MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED for the sole purpose of verifying the identity of the Buyer, the validity of the order, the method of payment used and the delivery envisaged.

Article 5. Delivery and reception

5.1. General information

Delivery is defined by all procedures implemented for the delivery of the Products ordered by the Buyer via the Site.

The Products ordered by the Buyer will be delivered to the delivery address indicated by the Buyer when ordering (“Delivery address”). Delivery of the order is exclusive to the U.K. and Northern Ireland. Deliveries cannot be made at weekends or public holidays.

5.2. Delivery method and deadlines

5.2.1. Delivery method

The Products ordered by the Buyer will be delivered to the address provided when ordering.

MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED reminds the Buyer that:

  • The delivery address provided when ordering (which may be different from the billing address) must be exact and include all the details necessary for proper delivery;
  • Any new delivery resulting from an error concerning the information necessary for delivery such as the delivery address, the place of delivery, the accessibility of the place and/or the absence of the Buyer will be the responsibility of the Buyer. Where applicable, MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED reserves the right to cancel the order.

5.2.2. Delivery delay

The average delivery time is two working days.  The delivery period does not begin to run until the day the order becomes final.

MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED undertakes to implement all the means necessary to meet the delivery deadlines indicated. In the event of factors outside of the control of MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED (for example strikes, lock-outs or other industrial action by third parties, civil commotion, riot, invasion, terrorist attack or threat of terrorist attack, war (whether declared or not) or threat or preparation for war, fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, subsidence, epidemic or other natural disaster, or failure of public or private telecommunications networks or impossibility of the use of railways, shipping, aircraft, motor transport or other means of public or private transport), delivery times may be extended.

5.2.3. Product packaging

The Products are packaged in such a way as to respect the transport standards in force as well as to ensure optimal protection. It is recommended that the Buyer respects these same standards when returning a product following the cancellation of his order.

5.2.4. Product verification

Without prejudice to the period available to the Buyer under his right of withdrawal as provided for in Article 6 of the T&Cs, it is the Buyer’s responsibility to check the package on arrival and to make all reservations/legal reserves and complaints which would appear justified, or even to refuse the package, if it is likely to have been opened or if it bears obvious signs of deterioration.

Said reservations and complaints must be addressed to MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED:

  • Post: MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED, Customer Service – “”, Unit 4, Morewood Close, Sevenoaks, Kent TN13 2HU
  • Telephone: 01732 459412
  • By email:
  • within 30 days of delivery of the Products.
  • In this writing, the Buyer must provide any justification as to the reality of the anomalies observed.

If the non-conformity is proven and MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED agrees to take back the Product, and the same Product will be shipped by MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED subject to its availability. Failing this, the Buyer may request the cancellation of his order and its reimbursement or to benefit from another product of the same price.

5.3. Receipt of order

Delivery is deemed to have been made as soon as the package is made available by hand, in accordance to the Buyer’s delivery instructions.

Upon receipt of the order, the Buyer is invited to check the condition and contents of the package, and report any damages to MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED, within 30 days of delivery of the Products.

The signature on the receipt must correspond to the signature of the Buyer.  Any verification may be carried out by MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED in case of doubt.

In the event of anomalies relating to the condition of the package (damaged package, open package, trace of a leak, etc.) or to the Products ordered (missing products and/or damaged products), the Buyer must follow the procedure described below, which corresponds to the conditions of the order.

5.4 Procedures in the event of a damaged package, missing or damaged Product

It is the Buyer’s responsibility to check the condition of the package, as well as the number, references and condition of the Products delivered.

In the event of a problem, the Buyer will issue reservations on the carrier’s delivery receipt.

The Buyer undertakes to report as quickly as possible, but in any event within 30 days of delivery, to MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED, Customer Service.

MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED Customer Service may request any additional information, and/or carry out any necessary verification.

Failure to comply with the procedure described in article 5 excludes any recourse against the carrier and MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED. Where applicable, the Buyer will not be entitled to any reimbursement. The Buyer may also not claim that MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED re-delivers the Products ordered.

Article 6. Cancellations, returns and refunds

MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED returns policy

MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED returns policy forms part of MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED T&Cs. MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED reserves the right to change this Returns Policy at any time.

It is important that the Buyer checks his order or items upon receipt and always before use. If any errors occur or issues arise then these need to be reported to MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED immediately so MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED can investigate.

Before attempting to return an order, the Buyer will need to contact MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED Customer Service.

The Buyer’s statutory rights

MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED returns policy does not affect the Buyer’s statutory rights.

For more information about the Buyer’s other statutory rights, he may visit the U.K. Government’s website at: or contact Consumer Direct, the Government funded consumer advice service on 08454 04 05 06.

Right to cancel

The Buyer has the right to cancel this contract within 14 days without giving reason.

The cancellation period will expire after 14 days from the day on which the Buyer acquires, or a third party other than the carrier and indicated by the Buyer acquires physical possession of the Products.

To exercise the right to cancel, the Buyer must inform MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED of his decision to cancel this contract by a clear statement (e.g. by email or a letter sent by the Buyer). The Buyer may use the example model cancellation form below, but it is not obligatory.

The Buyer must ensure that the Products he is returning are unopened and in any original packaging. Unwanted Products need to be in pristine condition with any retail seals unbroken.

Christmas extended returns policy from the 01/11/2020 to 31/12/2020. The Buyer has the right to return any pristine Product bought in between these dates, until the 31/01/2021.

Effects of cancellation

If the Buyer cancels this contract, MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED will reimburse to him all payments received from him, including the cost of delivery (except for supplementary costs arising if the Buyer chose a type of delivery other than the least expensive type of standard delivery offered by MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED).

MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED may make a deduction from the reimbursement for loss in value of any products supplied if the loss is the result of unnecessary handling by the Buyer.

MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED will make the reimbursement without undue delay and not later than:

(a) 14 days after the day MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED receives back from the Buyer any products supplied; or

(b) (if earlier) 14 days after the day the Buyer provides evidence that he has returned the Products; or

(c) if there were no products supplied, 14 days after the day on which MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED is informed about the Buyer’s decision to cancel the contract.

MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED will make the reimbursement using the same means of payment as the Buyer used for the initial transaction, unless he has expressly agreed otherwise. In any event, the Buyer will not incur any fees as a result of the reimbursement. The Buyer will have to bear the direct cost of returning the goods.

Model cancellation form

To: MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED, Customer Service – “”

Unit 4 Morewood Close


Kent TN13 2HU

I hereby give notice that I cancel my contract of sale of the following products:

Ordered on:

Order number:

Name of customer:

Address of customer:

Signature of customer (only if sent by paper):

Article 7. Customer service

If the Buyer is not satisfied with his order, Customer Service is at his disposal:

By Post:


Customer Service – “”

Unit 4 Morewood Close


Kent TN13 2HU


Telephone No.  01732 459412

Opening Hours:  Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Article 8. Retention of title

MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED retains full and entire ownership of the Products sold until full payment has been received. Failure to pay may result in the Products being claimed.

The transfer of the risk of loss or deterioration is made in the hands of the Buyer from the delivery of the Products.

Article 9. Intellectual property rights

The Site and all the elements therein (trademarks, designs, logos, models, etc.) are the exclusive property of MAVALA S.A. (Geneva, Switzerland) which holds the rights. Any total or partial reproduction is prohibited.

Article 10. Personal data

MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED attaches great importance to the protection and respect for the privacy of its customers and their personal data.

The General Personal Data Protection Policy of MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED is available on its Site at the following address: The Buyer is invited to read this data protection policy.

The Buyer’s personal data collected and stored by MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED in connection with any order is intended for the proper management of orders, deliveries and invoices.

MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED reserves the right to use the data transmitted by the Buyer for commercial purposes, if the latter accepts it when registering on the Site.

Article 11. Liability

11.1. Limitation of liability


Unit 4 Morewood Close


Kent TN13 2HU

MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED cannot be held liable when the Buyer does not comply, in whole or in part, with the T&Cs, or in the event of an unforeseeable act of a third party or in the event of force majeure as defined by U.K. courts.


11.2. Buyer’s capacity

The Buyer declares to have full legal capacity, allowing him to commit himself under these T&Cs. MAVALA (U.K.) LIMITED can under no circumstances be required to check the capacity of visitors and Buyers on its Site.

If a Buyer who does not have legal capacity is required to order Products on the Site, his legal representatives will have to assume full responsibility for the order and will have to honour the price of the latter in particular.

Art. 12. Law and jurisdiction

These T&Cs shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of UK, and any disputes will be decided only by the English courts.